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‘The best original wildlife paintings I’ve ever seen. Stunningly life-like but with the added dimension of beautifully textured backgrounds. Brimming with personality!’Max, Quayside

‘Diane...I am stunned...this has brought tears to my is simply divine, and far outstrips anything I could have hoped for!! I am truly feeling so emotional and amazingly honoured. You have turned my world upside down a spectacular way of ever can I thank you!’ Kay, Devon

‘You haven’t just captured them (the animals), they are thinking. They’re thinking about us, people. That’s absolutely amazing how you’ve achieved that’. LP Arlington

‘Hey Diane, we have shown mum the pictures you sent and she’s only just finished crying.

Thank you for making this moment possible’ Veronica

‘So many different colours and expressions reveal themselves under all the different light and weather conditions. It really is a living portrait. The silver comes through beautifully as the dusk starts to fall, he is amazing and brings me endless joy’ Anna

‘It's the eyes that pull me in, the intensely focused expression which gets you wondering  what she is staring at, what else is going on outside the frame’. Gary

‘I feel really refreshed. You sit here and feel like you’re being stroked’ visitor Totnes

‘I’ve no idea why but the painting really spoke to me and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It will be very striking and much loved and cared for’.

‘Hello I just wanted to say that you painted the most beautiful painting I think I have ever seen, When I walked into the gallery I was left speechless when I saw your incredibly beautiful, magnificent, majestic whale painting. The colours, the depth, the texture, literally everything, was just incredible. I want to say thank you for putting something so beautiful out there for the world to see. Kindest regards, Beverly

‘Dear Diane, I can’t thank you enough for this extraordinarily stunning painting I sobbed when I opened it. I was so moved. It will be precious forever’.  Liz

‘...before she died Granny commissioned Diane Bailey to paint a wildlife picture in her inimitable style for each member of the family. The results are outstanding – a truly amazing lasting legacy...A thousand thanks Granny and Diane!’

‘I think your painting is beautiful. I spend a lot of time watching Jackdaws and you have captured their inquisitiveness, playfulness, Intelligence and camaraderie. It is a wonderful addition to our home’.

'Wow, I wasn't expecting such a speedy delivery! I'm so happy with this print, thank you so much. It's one of those gifts I want to keep! I really love it (my friend has the original) so glad I was inspired'. Kindest Wishes Kelly

‘If you ever have the chance to follow a workshop from Diane, don't hesitate, just do it! You will have a marvellous time and will leave afterwards as a better painter’.

‘It was a fantastic workshop - We went home and painted our hearts out!’

‘It was inspirational finding completely different techniques. I have so much now to experiment with. Thank you so much for this workshop, for sharing and showing!'

‘The workshop was amazing! I was so out of my comfort zone which made me look at everything for new’

I saw your work in the Custom House– it’s all so good! The polar bear painting was particularly beautiful and inspiring – the way you captured the light rays under the water, there’s such a feeling of life to the bear itself and the colours were lovely – gorgeous!

I have to say the adders have come across brilliantly with depth, colour shades and texture - their eyes look great, captures their hypnotic unwavering stare just right!

Hi Diane,

I picked up the print today, it's absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. The framing has been done beautifully also. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you for making the process so seamless. Alison

‘I’ve not had much time with the painting yet but, my goodness, your skill is so apparent. I love how you’ve captured the light on him. Of course, that’s not to mention it is a complete perfect likeness of him. I’m in awe of it. A thousand thank yous. It is so very special’ xxx

‘The crossbills look great - vibrant colours, the tones of the feathers and you've captured their cheekiness –
I consider myself privileged!!’

‘You bring life to a painting.  What you do excellently, is produce paintings which look like they are paintings, yet they trigger some sort of real life connection between the subject and the observer.  All I can say is that you see life in those eyes, even though it’s a painting.  It gets me very excited, you have a great talent’.  Peter

‘It is not often that I fall in love with a picture and still think of it many months later.  I was in no position to buy it when we saw it, but now can.  Ooh, I am so excited, also amazed it has not been bought already, fantastic picture!’

'Hi Diane, We get so many admiring comments for the starling picture, everyone loves it, me particularly!' Vanda

Beautiful and inspirational work, wonderful colours and textures. A calming and relaxing display but so full of life!

'Captured in paint by the hugely talented Diane Bailey, - an incredible birthday gift'

'I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I wanted to buy him more than a year ago. Now I come downstairs every morning and say ‘Hello, how are you today?” Cath, Surrey

‘Her Majesty’ is now in pride of place and is admired by everyone. She is just so beautiful! and will give G and I much pleasure in a special place in our home’.

‘Leo is one of your best yet. What a talent you have for capturing the creature inside. I really like the world that you create’. Mike

‘You have such extraordinary talent, your work is exceptional Diane Bailey- so full of expression and so very inspired. It lifts my spirit!’ Devon 2018

'Clipped Wings is by far the best exhibit in this exhibition' - Delamore

'The Time and Tide painting is the best thing we’ve seen in any gallery ever…'visitor DOS17.

‘Dear Diane, My husband and I saw an exhibition of your work last year, whilst visiting a National Trust property. He fell in love with the picture of the blue tit and still keeps talking about it, he has a birthday coming up...'

'Just to let you know that the bluetit was safely delivered this morning and is already installed on the wall, as I couldn't keep the secret any longer from my husband He is absolutely thrilled! Thank you Diane'

‘Look at the colours! It’s just adorable. Just look at the colours! Doesn’t it just speak to you?!’ re Leo, Ullacombe

‘There is a lot of humour, I look at your paintings and they make me smile’ Sally

'A fantastic exhibition, I couldn’t help but assign personalities to each of the animals'

‘Your paintings - they are happy! Full of life, colour, positive, joy, I don’t know if that’s what’s intended but that’s how I feel.’

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